2021 | Sri Lanka | Water issue adressed: Too little

Investigating the Efficiency of saline water irrigation using Solar Evaporation techniques

Sri Lanka is an agricultural country, it is important to use water efficiently due to the scarcity of good quality water. The project introduced a novel watering device made from the waste plastic water bottles installed by the side of the plants adapting the drip irrigation system to irrigate to the root zone. The research proved that seawater irrigation with solar evaporation techniques can also be used in modern agriculture especially for low water-required crops. At the same time, farmers will be able to conserve water and reduce the operational cost of cultivation and, when practiced at a large scale, bring salt as a by-product.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

I explored several ways to use seawater for irrigation but many ideas existing and I practiced scientifically expensive. My intention was to introduce an approach that easily uses by farmers from underprivileged areas and I found that whatever water evaporates is pure water the idea sparked me to use seawater.