2022 | United Kingdom | Student: The Kingston Academy

Hyunmin Cho

There are so many problems in this world. I want to dedicate my life to making an impact and solving a lot of these problems. I would like to study Computer Science or Maths in university and create a second world (virtual reality) that is indistinguishable from the real world (Matrix). The virtual world will be free of all these problems such as poverty (as we would have an infinite amount of computational resources), and while people are living in the virtual world, I will be addressing environmental problems in the real world. Trying to make equations that govern the world sounds exciting and the limitless potentials of a virtual world is something I want to achieve.

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

Recently, Environment Agency chief executive Sir James Bevan warned of a possible existential threat due to lack of water in the UK. This is a consequence of climate change which results in drier summers and less predictable weather such as rainfall.

This is what I think is one of the solutions for a sustainable future:

I think finding alternatives for industrial uses of water and research into desalination would be helpful (specifically such as nanofiltration and solar distillitation as industries dealing with nanotechnology and solar energy would make further improvements into this method)

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