10 Oct 2017, 14:00 - 16:00 UTC

How do Businesses Address Emerging Water Risks?

Welcome to join us (SIWI Swedish Water House, AIG & Ramböll) in this interactive seminar targeting Swedish companies with international operations, to explore new tools to address emerging water risks.

Increasing competition over scarce water resources is posing a challenge across societies and is progressively recognized as a business risk. This is receiving more attention in media and research alike and the Global Risks Report from the World Economic Forum has since 2011 ranked water within the top-3 risks in terms of impact, given its worrying effects on global welfare.

With a changing climate, we will see a ‘new normal’ develop in light of recent reports on drought and decreasing groundwater levels even in Sweden. The implications for businesses will not only be financial as water is also a crucial input to manufacturing – be it for instance in food production or the metal industry. Water is thus becoming part of core business concerns and not ‘simply’ a CSR-matter. Some argue that proactively addressing water risks could even become a competitive advantage in new market avenues.

So, what tools do we need to address emerging water risks within businesses? This is something that we will explore during this seminar with representatives from a broad range of manufacturing industry and where we will take part of new initiatives addressing water risks in food supply chains.


14:00 Welcome & framing of water risks to business operations in a global- and regional perspective.
Josephine Gustafsson (SIWI, Swedish Water House) and Mattias von Brömssen (Ramböll)

14:15 Water supply from a municipal water management company perspective.
Mats Rostö (Nacka Vatten & Avfall)

14:30 An insurer’s perspective of water risks and what’s needed
Robert Buffay (AIG)

14:40 Tools to support companies in addressing their water risks; demo of ’Vattenresan’, followed by Q&A
Karin Glaumann (SIWI, Swedish Water House)

15:00 Lessons learnt from piloting Vattenresan in food supply chains.
Kristina Areskog Bjurling (Axfood)

15:15 World Café focused on 3 main questions.
Facilitated by moderator

15:40 Report-back from groups on key takeaways for above 3 questions

15:50 Reflections and potential way forward.
Moderated by Malcolm Sjödahl (Ramböll)

16:00 Close of seminar and networking over coffee and light snacks.


10 Oct 2017, 14:00 - 16:00 UTC