We work to influence decision-makers through our power to convene, our expertise in water governance, building dialogue, improving policies to change water governance practice.

SIWI’s strategic objectives are to:

  • Leverage convening power to facilitate and influence water governance dialogues
  • Influence priority-setting for improved water governance
  • Contribute to policy development for improved water governance
  • Contribute to the implementation of improved water policy and practices
  • Advance water knowledge, and award and promote excellence in water science, policy and practice
  • Be a resilient, financially sustainable organization and an attractive employer

We have identified the following key boundary partners as instrumental for influencing water wise decisions:

  • Governments and public organizations
  • Development agencies and organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations/Civil Society Organizations
  • Multilateral and regional organizations
  • Private sector companies

In addition, we work very closely with academic institutions in generating and analysing knowledge, since water wise decisions requires evidence-based data, information and knowledge. We also target opinion leaders such as media, since public opinion strongly influences decision-making on water.

Our strategy, 2018 - 2021

During this period, 2018-2021, we intend to influence decision-makers, directly and indirectly, by combining our convening power with our expertise in water governance, and by building dialogue, improving policies, and changing water governance practice.

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