SIWI is a strong believer in collaboration and collective learning. Over the years we have developed different concepts for this and provided many meeting places for cooperation.

Hands cooperating on building a wellPhoto: David Bonalod / Shutterstock

The biggest such meeting place is of course World Water Week, the leading global water event, where we invite leading organizations to co-create sessions. Much of the content is focused on peer-to-peer learning which is more important than ever in an era of fast and disruptive changes. At World Water Week, representatives from different sectors can learn how others have handled similar situations and join forces to find new solutions.

SIWI also hosts more informal networks, cluster groups and dialogue platforms. It is important to bring together people from different sectors who may otherwise never meet but that can become much more resilient by working together. Other multistakeholder platforms are instead made up of representatives from the same sector so that they can co-create solutions to shared problems.

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Here are some examples of our collaborative work:

  • The Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management raises awareness of the benefits of managing water holistically, from sources upstream to the ocean. The platform brings together a broad range of actors but the approach itself is also a formula for more effective and less fragmented water management
  • SIWI’s Swedish Water House has organized a broad range of multi-stakeholder platforms over the past two decades where representatives from different sectors banded together to co-create solutions.
  • Many of the Swedish Water House’s multi-stakeholder platforms have evolved into lasting collaborations. Successful examples include the Sustainable Textile Water Initiative and the Responsible Antibiotics Manufacturing Platform.
  • SIWI is the founder and coordinator of the Water for Climate Pavilion. This multistakeholder platform unifies over 60 organizations (governments, regional and local authorities, UN agencies, private sector, NGO’s and CSO’s,…) to coordinate and amplify the voice of the international water community within the climate space.
  • SIWI is a co-founder of groups to raise awareness of the important role of water, for example, the Forest Water Champions and the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation.
  • SIWI and AGWA are focal points for water in the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, which is the UN Climate Convention’s (UNFCCC) platform for non-State party stakeholders.
  • The Women in Water Diplomacy in the Nile is a network for women working at senior level in relevant ministries.
  • The Eastern Nile Journalists Network is a resource platform for journalists who have taken part in SIWI’s courses on water and transboundary cooperation.