SIWI’s vision is a “Water Wise World” – a world that recognizes the value of water and ensures that it is inclusively shared and used sustainably, equitably and efficiently for all.

We believe that the best way to tackle water crises and help bring about lasting change – with the ultimate goal being the eradication of poverty – is to strengthen water governance among public and private actors alike: the political, social, economic and administrative systems and processes that influence water’s use and management.

Essentially, who gets what water, when and how, and who has the right to water and related services, and their associated benefits.

Our mission is to “Strengthen water governance for a just, prosperous and sustainable future”.

We strive for a world where every society ensures that it shares and allocates its water sustainably, equitably and efficiently, making it universally available to meet everyone’s basic needs. It is a world that values water and uses it rationally to provide for the common good, for the greatest benefit to all people. At the same time, it takes care to sustain ecosystems and to respect the needs of future generations. To achieve this, we must govern our resources wisely and fairly.