Capacity development

SIWI is a leader in capacity development related to water governance, water management and water diplomacy. The need and demand for knowledge in these fields are growing at a time of exacerbated water stress and weather extremes caused by climate change.

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All SIWI’s operational departments organize training sessions and workshops on a broad range of topics, both digitally and in physical meetings. The activities are always carried out on-demand with different stakeholders and tailored to their specific needs.

Here are some examples of our capacity development activities:

  • The new GO-WATER programme offers training on water governance in times of uncertainty.
  • The Africa Regional Centre strengthens capacity when it comes to water governance and financing for investments and water infrastructure.
  • The Water Resources team has developed a Practitioner’s Guide for Source-to-Sea Management and corresponding training.
  • The Water and Sanitation team regularly trains governments and water utilities on how to use the WASH Bottleneck Analysis Tool to improve efficiency.
  • The Transboundary Water Cooperation team organizes recurring training for women government officials and journalists.
  • The Transboundary Water Cooperation team has also arranged popular simulations of water diplomacy processes for capacity building.
  • The Swedish Water House organizes a broad range of seminars and webinars for different sectors as well as for the public.
  • SIWI’s International policy team has developed a strong expertise in how to influence global processes: It supports its SIWI colleagues and external partners to enter the processes in order to advocate the importance of water in implementing them.