Dialogues and facilitation

Meeting across boundaries is not always easy, especially when there is a history of grievances and mistrust. As an impartial and experienced expert, SIWI can help parties to initiate conversations that may lead to more fruitful relationships. We offer support all the way from early meetings to the creation of joint institutions.

Facilitating a discussion at 2019 World Water Week
World Water Week 2019. Image by Mikael Ullén.

SIWI has long experience of dialogue processes in river basins around the world. Drawing on this, we can act as a trusted and impartial third party who can facilitate complex and sensitive dialogues in many different contexts. Knowing that there are tools and methods to apply makes it easier for stakeholders to set realistic expectations and make genuine progress.

Here are some examples of how we can facilitate dialogues:

  • SIWI can help set up first meetings between countries with a history of strained relationships.
  • SIWI facilitates discussions where parties meet at different levels to explore each other’s positions and eventually start talking about potential solutions.
  • SIWI supports in developing joint mechanisms for knowledge exchange and joint management of shared waters.