Advisory services

SIWI is a sought-after advisor to governments, cities, water utilities, organizations, and companies across the world. With our unusually broad experience, we contribute to holistic solutions for long-term resilience. The choices made today are decisive for tomorrow’s water security, resilience, poverty eradication and social equity.

Advisory services for a water channel in Afghanistan.
Advisory services for a water channel in Afghanistan.

SIWI’s areas of expertise include how water governance can become more inclusive and efficient through relevant regulations, well-functioning institutions, adequate pricing of services and transparent decision-making. We can support this through policy reviews, tailored studies, facilitation of dialogues and many other activities. SIWI also advises on governance processes and the financing of water projects. Countries sharing a river, lake or aquifer can get help in developing mechanisms for knowledge exchange and joint management of the water source.

Here are some examples of our advisory services:

  • SIWI advises governments on how to include more water-related solutions in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement on climate change.
  • SIWI offers support in the review of water codes and laws (e.g. in Comoros and Ethiopia) and in the development of WASH regulations (e.g. in Liberia).
  • SIWI advises on tariff setting for the water sector (e.g. in Bosnia-Herzegovina).
  • SIWI advises on holistic water management for cities and has brought together forward-looking cities through the City Water Resilience Approach.
  • SIWI supports decision-makers and practitioners interested in more sustainable agriculture, forestry and landscape management as well as source-to-sea management.
  • The multi-stakeholder platforms of the Swedish Water House offer opportunities to co-create sustainable water management solutions with different sectors.