28 Aug 2015, 13:15 - 18:00 UTC

Water, forest and people: how can forestry secure water resources?

Forests cover more than 50% of Sweden and the successful development of the forest sector is a cornerstone in the development of the Swedish society. Today, even though Sweden has only about 1% of the world’s forest area and a cold climate limiting forest growth to some few summer-months, the Swedish export of sawn timber, pulp and paper represent 10% of the global trade.

We will discuss key factors to maintain the forests capacity to provide freshwater to urban and rural societies, while keeping forestry highly productive. We will also look into the creek and get to know the small animals which live there, and try fishing with electricity.

Finally we will meet a smallholder (small scale private forest owner – together managing more than 50% of the Swedish forests) and discuss his view on being a responsible forest owner and how he try to protect water and biodiversity in his day-to-day forest management.

Venue name: Field Visit as part of the 2015 World Water Week in Stockholm


13:30 Departure from central Stockholm. Lunch in the bus. Information and presentation about the clustergroup. Formation of two groups (Trout and Pike).

14:30 Arrival at the Gillmyra mill.

14:45-15:35 Group Trout walks to station 1 and 2. Group Pike walks to station 5 and 4.

15:35 Coffee break at station 3.

15:55-16:45 Group Trout walks to station 4 and 5. Group Pike walks to station 2 and 1

17:00 Departure from the forest

18:00 Arrival in central Stockholm


  • Swedish Forest History – from common to private ownership (Thorsten Celander, Swedish Forestry Agency)
  • The role of small scale forest owners in sustainable forest and water management (Börje Drakenberg, Skogsbiologerna/Klas Bengtsson, SSC Forestry)
  • Coffee break
  • The Swedish forestry companies’ view on how to secure water landscapes, (Olof Johansson, Sveaskog)
  • Life in the creek – electrofishing (Linnéa Jägrud, Swedish Forest Agency)


  • Focali – Forest, Climate, and Livelihood Research Network
  • SLU Global
  • SSC Forestry
  • Stora Enso
  • Sveaskog
  • Swedish Forestry Agency
  • The Swedish Water House cluster group on Water and Forestry

World Water Week
28 Aug 2015, 13:15 - 18:00 UTC