03 Sep 2014, 9:00 UTC

Young Professionals Shaping the Post-2015 Agenda

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There is tremendous motivation among young professionals that combines all hearted and natural understanding of human rights with openness to creative solutions. With no fear to challenge established institutions and mindsets, they are making a statement, commitment and contribution to the future. Young Water Professionals call for solidarity, joint demands, mutual solutions, and access to human rights!

Youth empowerment has actually improved significantly within the major processes on water-related development challenges. Looking at the failure of implementing the WASH millennium development goals, it is  political commitment in form of finance and governance priorities lacking.

Hence, in this workshop we bring together young professionals to continue crafting the important messages to the upcoming United Nations’ General Assembly. It is imperative that we channel our voices and give input to the decision on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Youth Forum of the Budapest Water Summit 2013 confirmed young people’s  responsibility and commitment to contribute to a dedicated goal on water with energy, creativity and enthusiam. The statement from the forum will be the starting point to develop and specify key challenges.

Venue Name: Seminar at 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm


09:00  Welcome introduction
Ms. Elin Weyler, Swedish Water House at SIWI

09:10  Lessons learnt: The challenges of implementation and Keys for success
Prof. John Briscoe, Stockholm Water Prize Laureate, Harvard University, USA

09:25  Insights on WASH on Informal Settlements – Highlight of Key Existing Challenges and Complexities
Mr. Thomas Panella, Asian Development Bank

09:40  Youth Role in the SDG process and Introduction of the Budapest Youth Statement
Mr. Prabin Rokaya, Water Youth Network (WYN)

09:55  Introduction to Roundtable discussions
Mr. Hector Nava, WYN

10:05  Round table Discussion Themes

  • Governance
  • Financing
  • Participation

10:45  Network Break

11:15  Report from roundtable discussions
Chair: Mr. Hector Nava, WYN

11:30  Panel discussion
Moderator: Ms. Marie Sagen, WYN and Ms. Elin Weyler, Swedish Water House at SIWI

Panel Members

  • Mr. Nicolai Schaaf, Programme officer, SWH at SIWI
  • Ms. Joanna Blossner, Swedish Youth Representative to the UN General Assembly 2014
  • Mr. Thomas Panella, Asian Development Bank
  • Mr. Ponce Samaneigo, Youth Coordinator, ADB
  • Mr. Michael Fields, Director of Corporate Citizenship, Xylem Inc.
  • Mr. Bart Devos, World Youth Parliament for Water
  • Ms. Moa Cortobius, SIWI
  • Ms. Nishtha Manocha, Asia-Pacific Youth Parliament for Water

12:15  Closing remarks
Mr. Prabin Rokaya, WYN and Ms. Marie Sagen, WYN

12:30  End of seminar


  • Swedish Water House
  • Water Youth Network


World Water WeekWater, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)Water-smart business
03 Sep 2014, 9:00 UTC