Feb 13, 2014

Sponsors Pack for 2014 World Water Week – Energy and Water now available

It will take many great minds and helping hands, across disciplines and regions, to realize a water wise world for all. We invite you to join us on this mission.

SIWI believes multi-dimensional, value-driven partnerships that leverage combinations of finance, expertise, implementation capacity and outreach power have the greatest impact. SIWI continues to focus on values of inclusiveness, quality, integrity and passion, and cross-cutting issues – gender equality, youth empowerment and the human rights-based approach. We believe our partners will play an important role in transformative action in these important areas.

We collaborate with a range of different organizations and sectors, in different ways, to work towards this vision.

Core Support

SIWI is a policy institute. We receive core funding from the Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency (Sida) to support work towards our shared goals to alleviate poverty, support economic growth in developing countries and reduce the impact of climate change globally.


Strategic Partners

Taking the form of strategic project partnerships, SIWI works with governments, international organizations, local actors and the private sector to bridge policy with practice. While project scopes vary, they tend to consist of a combination of scientific research, policy advice, project management, international training or capacity building, and advocacy which supports decision-makers and water-users with evidence-based, water wise information.


World Water Week and Prizes:Founders, Stockholm Water Prize

With the on-going support of a group of private organizations and associations who share our vision of a water wise world, SIWI recognizes global water achievements with the Stockholm Water Prize. Several founders are also supporters of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and World Water Week.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Founding global sponsor


City of Stockholm

Media Partners

In order to build a water wise world, we also work with various media to share important information on water and development issues and extend the reach of World Water Week.


SIWI also receives support from organizations that aspire to our vision for a water wise world. With their support, we will work together to realize this shared vision.

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Key Collaborating Partners & MOU’s

In addition to financial support, we rely on expertise and collaboration with non-governmental organizations and institutions. Our World Water Week Key Collaborating Partners help us to extend our reach, enrich the discussions and encourage participation in the annual event in Stockholm. We also have Memorandum of Understandings (MOU’s) with various organizations with whom we collaborate and share knowledge.

2019 Key Collaborating Partners: