Nov 30, 2016

Have a great idea for an event at the World Water Week? Submit now!

Proposals are welcome from organisations or companies who wish to host an event at the World Water Week. By hosting...

Proposals are welcome from organisations or companies who wish to host an event at the World Water Week. By hosting an event, you engage a wide range of stakeholders in discussions and debate around a specific issue of your choice.

SIWI encourages collaborating with other organisations in order to build partnerships and bringing a diversity of perspectives to the World Water Week.

Submission for 2017 event is closed.

Thematic focuses of events

SIWI welcomes all water related event proposals, but as the focus of World Water Week in 2017 will be on water and waste, SIWI is especially interested in proposals that expand on topics raised in the thematic scope such as water quality management,  the water-waste cycle, the human/ecosystem health dimension and the link to biodiversity, the urban dimension of waste water, economic and financial perspectives, the link with industry, the role of water in implementation and monitoring of the SDGs, water and social progress and equity, (waste) water policy and governance coordination, water and technological development, and event proposals that follow up on previous years themes on water linked to energy, to food, to cooperation to development and to sustainable growth.

In order to ensure a diverse and dynamic programme for the World Water Week in terms of topics, geographic regions, convenors, and formats, SIWI will in several cases propose a merger between similar or complementary event proposals.

Selection criteria

SIWI welcomes all water related event proposals and will design the programme based on a thorough review. The following criteria will be guiding the selection:

  • Multi-disciplinary discussion: the integration of different areas of expertise aiming at avoiding trade-offs and promoting participation from non-water actors.
  • Stakeholder diversity: the promotion of diverse interests and organisational types encouraging constructive debate between stakeholders.
  • Development focus: the integration of aspects of poverty reduction, sustainable development, gender equality, integrity and human rights.
  • Outputs and impact: the concreteness of key messages for improving the science, policy and practice.
  • New thinking, findings or approaches: the focus on current debates and the generation of new ideas and solutions, including learning from failure.
  • Programme format: the innovativeness and quality of presentations and the interaction and engagement of the intended audience.

Proposals are encouraged to consider an equal gender balance when selecting speakers, panelists and moderators etc.

For more information on events, proposals submissions, fees and conditions, please contact Ms. Ingrid Stangberg at