May 18, 2021

Get a sneak peek at the World Water Week programme

We are proud to offer an exciting programme on the theme Building Resilience Faster, with topics ranging from the climate crisis to Covid-19 and food security. Organizers can still add content, but here is a sneak peek at the sessions so far.

This year’s World Water Week is unlike any other. On 23-27 August we meet to collaborate on solutions to the world’s greatest challenges such as the climate crisis and poverty. What all these challenges have in common is that they require massive and immediate transformations of our societies – where water must play a key role.

World Water Week 2021 is a digital conference open to anyone with an interest in sustainability issues. The Week is curated by SIWI but co-created by leading international organizations that host sessions on their areas of expertise so that participants learn about the latest trends in many different water-related fields.

In 2021 the focus is on Building Resilience Faster, where we explore the crucial role of water for disaster-risk reduction, food security, resilient cities, climate mitigation, and much more. By bringing together water experts with professionals from many other backgrounds, we can speed up necessary transformations and learn from people in different parts of the world.

From 18 May you can get a first glimpse of the 2021 programme and prepare to register, which starts this June. Here are some hot topics in this year’s programme:

  • What are the lessons from Covid-19? We look at how different countries have responded, especially when it comes to access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).
  • How can we improve access to WASH services while also improving the management of water resources?
  • Can storytelling and communication speed up progress on the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How can we produce more food using less water?
  • What is the role of water to slash carbon emissions?

More sessions will be added in the coming weeks. Organizations can also host a range of networking activities that will be available to participants who purchase a Networking Pass (from approx. 150 Euros per week or 50 Euros per day). With your Networking Pass, you have access to the full World Water Week experience and can meet participants and speakers from every continent. It’s a great way to expand both your knowledge and your network.