Blog.Mar 24, 2015

Botswana Water Stakeholders Show Support for Partnership with SIWI

Minister Mokaila provided an overview of the water sector's challenges and the actions his ministry is taking to address them, including the partnership between SIWI and the Botswana Department of Water Affairs. Together, we are working on integrated dry and wet sanitation planning, raw water pricing and the development of catchment management committees.

In line with the theme of the event, “Sustainable interventions to address Botswana’s water challenges in partnership with stakeholders”, I spoke on the value of water management partnerships and highlighted the expected outcomes from the SIWI partnership with the Botswana Department of Water Affairs.

Over 160 water stakeholders attended the event, including directors and CEOs of water resources and water services authorities, members of parliament, the private sector and community leaders.  Some of these stakeholders said the catchment management committees that SIWI will be creating alongside the Botswana Department of Water Affairs were a much-needed intervention.  These local level institutions would among other things, provide water authorities with timely information on water abstraction and waste water discharges.

Botswana is a semi-arid country. The national currency, the Pula means rain – demonstrating the significance that citizens place on water resources.