Mar 19, 2015

Celebrating 25 years with a refreshed graphic profile!

In 1991, SIWI awarded the first Stockholm Water Prize and hosted the first World Water Week, which gathered around 250 participants.

25 years later, we are about to announce the 25th Stockholm Water Prize Laureate (announcement in Stockholm and New Delhi tomorrow morning), and plans are well underway for the jubilee World Water Week in Stockholm, which last year attracted over 3,400 participants!

To help celebrate, we are also introducing a new graphic profile for the SIWI family that has grown over the years to include Stockholm Junior Water Prize, Stockholm Industry Water Award, Swedish Water House and several partner programmes.

The future for water is certainly glass half full! SIWI continues to evolve, our team has now grown to over 70 staff. In 2015 we moved into a new office in Stockholm and opened a regional office in Pretoria, South Africa. We also host Sweden’s first UNESCO Category II Centre, the International Centre for Water Cooperation.

It is also a significant year for water issues globally. In addition to organizing the leading annual event for addressing water-related issues, SIWI continues to advocate for a #watergoal and promote the importance of water to global issues such as sustainable economic and social development, climate change, and security.

Introducing our new profile, SIWI looks forward to continuing its work towards a world that recognizes the unique value of water, and ensures that it is shared and allocated sustainably, equitably and efficiently, to meet everyone’s basic needs.

Our updated profiles:


SIWI_SWP_150318    SIWI_SJWP_150318