Jun 10, 2021

Convenors: Engage with participants with your own Interactive Expo!

This year, we have designed World Water Week 2021 to be a highly interactive and social event. We are excited to offer Interactive Expos, where your organization can get its own allocated and branded space on the event platform to share your work.

Interactive Expo

Why should you apply for an Interactive Expo? 

 After over a year of Covid-19, people are tired of the isolation it has brought and keen to meet like-minded, solutions-oriented people to collaborate with as we all work to build resilience faster.  

The Interactive Expo feature is the best way to make your organization visible at World Water Week. It will enhance your experience and broaden your organization’s network during the week. 

  Only through the Expo will you be able to: 

  • Showcase your work in a personalized way 
  • Reach the entire WWW audience at any time during the week  
  • Engage in conversations related to your area of expertise 
  • Get valuable data on who visited and interacted with your virtual booth 

How does the Interactive Expo work for convenors? 

It is very easy to design your own virtual booth. Let’s follow how Amazon uses the interactive Expo feature on the demo site: 

How to get your Interactive Expo? 

Apply before 18 June to get a chance to present your work and interact with attendees. 

Find out more and apply for an Interactive Expo >  

 More options for networking 

There are other ways for convenors to continue having high-value conversations during World Water Week via one or several Networking options we have developed such as mingles, speed networking, and much more.  

Exhibitors at World Water Week add great value for participants and convenors – providing an arena to explore and discuss innovative solutions. These meetings of minds, organizations and sectors are what has made World Water Week the highlight of the water world’s calendar for so many years. We look forward to having you joining us!