Jan 15, 2021

Present your abstract at World Water Week 2021!

World Water Week 2021 will be a digital event like no other, where people can contribute to real solutions to some of our most pressing water-related challenges. If you want a chance to present your work at the SIWI seminars arranged by SIWI’s Scientific Programme Committee – now is the time to submit. The Call for Abstracts closes on 29 January. Other session proposals can be submitted from 25 January.

Preparations for the new, digital World Water Week 2021 are moving ahead at full steam! We look forward to welcoming you to an exciting online event 23-27 August where you can interact seamlessly with participants all over the world through a state-of-the-art online platform. People from a broad range of fields will address major global challenges like the climate crisis, food security and energy production to see how water offers new, and sometimes unexpected, solutions.

Stay tuned for more information on 25 January when the Call for Proposals opens, with new session formats suited for smooth digital meetings. However, you can already now submit your abstract to be part of the SIWI Seminars, developed by  SIWI’s Scientific Programme Committee together with high-profile organizations. If accepted, you get a chance to present at one of this year’s nine seminars on different topics related to the 2021 theme Building Resilience Faster.

Here you can learn more about the nine seminars that will be held in 2021. They all relate to the Thematic Scope which you can read here.

The seminars combine high-quality academic papers, important findings from practitioners, and interesting keynote speakers to ensure vibrant discussions. All submitted abstracts must relate to a specific seminar – read more here about the admissions process and how to apply. When selecting the abstracts, the Scientific Programme Committee will look for innovative and interesting content, offering a broad range of perspectives.

Presenting at a seminar is a great honour and a chance to share your work with a wide audience of experts, professionals, and decision-makers. Hopefully, your ideas gain traction while you are building your network, which may result in new collaborations and opportunities. And you do not need the backing of a big institution to present in the SIWI seminars, it is open to anyone as long as the abstract proposal is relevant to the seminar in question!

Take the opportunity to present your innovative abstract during World Water Week 2021! Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Here you can learn more about the new digital concept of World Water Week 2021.

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