Jun 28, 2018

Freshwater Dynamics

A few days ago Ania and I found a short video that shows the dynamics of the world freshwater resources (2002-2016). We thought it is important to know how human interference (good or bad) reshape ecosystems and the effect that it has over resource dynamics.

Through this article you will find in italics some concepts that will be explained on the Key concepts sheet. If you want further explanations or have any inquiry, let us know.

What’s the deal with Freshwater?

The evolution of the Freshwater Sources (2002-2016)//Seeker+SCI (2018)

We rely on freshwater to survive but Climate Change, Human action and Earth’s natural cycles (that we haven’t fully comprehended)  have change the way water bodies behave. As you can see on the video, the colour scale varies yearly sometimes from having more Freshwater Storages to totally dry up; some actions that we’ve done (deforestation, resource extraction, exotic species intoduction, etc) as a specie, contributed to change the described dynamics of ecosystems and water bodies.

There are some places we expect to be dryer than others (Sahara, Atacama, Gobi deserts) and places to be cooler (Amazonas,  Russia, Northern Europe…) but this is not always a rule. Temperatures have raised in zones like Europe and the Amazonas,  promoting  displacement and disappearence of ecosystems and human populations that rely on freshwater.

This leads to a series of troubles that can be attenuate by  damage control plans (economic, social, environmental, peace programs) and by swifting the way we act toward resources.