News.Mar 27, 2017

Hot off the press: Human-Rights Based Approach to IWRM: Training Manual and Facilitator’s Guide

The UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility has, together with WaterLex, REDICA and Cap-Net, published the Human-Rights Based Approach to IWRM: Training Manual and Facilitator’s Guide.

It has become increasingly important to understand that there are some key existing dilemmas in the IWRM concept that can, at least partly, be resolved through a HRBA. For instance, the HRBA emphasizes the need to take the rights of each individual into account and give priority to vulnerable groups, and not stop short at planning for the river basin without recognizing under-represented stakeholders. Vice versa, coherent water management with sustainability in mind is vital to move progressively towards full realization of the human right to safe drinking water and a number of other, interlinked human rights.

This manual is of interest to a wide range of users: from the human rights advocacy groups that feel the need to strengthen the water management dimensions, to practitioners involved in water supply decisions that must take into account procedural rights aspects. A number of practical steps are highlighted, including what the roles of duty bearers implicate. It can be used in trainings and teaching – the Facilitator’s Guide aims to provide techniques and tools for structuring a course on the topic of a HRBA to IWRM.

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