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Join our webinar ahead of the historic UN Water Conference

Why is 2023 such a decisive year for water and what will happen at the upcoming UN 2023 Water Conference? Join us for a webinar on 2 March to find out, as SIWI brings together experts on a broad range of water topics. Don’t miss the chance to ask questions!

The UN 2023 Water Conference on 22-24 March could be a real game-changer

It is the first time in almost 50 years that the United Nations is organizing a conference about freshwater – and it is urgently needed.

In a webinar on 2 March, at 2pm CET, SIWI experts will discuss what we should expect from the conference and how to influence it. Check out the programme of Time for Water Action – everything you need to know about the UN 2023 Water Conference and register now to secure your spot.

Danielle Gaillard-Picher from SIWI’s International Policy team will explain not just what the UN 2023 Water Conference is but how it feeds into the broader development and climate agenda. Her colleague Tove Lexén will talk about the expectations of young people and the importance of a gender perspective.

SIWI’s Director of Communications, Andreas Karlsson, will sit down with them and other experts for a conversation about some of the trickiest issues on the water agenda. You will also meet Lourdes Alvarez, a water and sanitation specialist from SIWI’s Bogotá office, the water diplomacy expert Dr Martina Klimes, and Dr Malin Lundberg-Ingemarsson who has led a landmark study on water in climate mitigation. Do they think we can finally achieve universal access to clean water and safe sanitation? How can young people have more of a say in water governance? What is the role of water for peace? And can smarter water management make climate policies more effective?

Do you have other questions you want to ask?

Share them with us on SIWI’s social media channels and our webinar host Jakob Schabus will make sure they get answered.

Join the webinar

Join SIWI experts as they will get you up to speed ahead of the first global conference on freshwater issues in almost 50 years.

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