Jan 30, 2018

Katarina Veem, Director SIWI Swedish Water House, to introduce British royals to sustainable fashion

On Wednesday 31 January, Ms Veem will attend the event “Creative Industries” as part of the Creative is GREAT event series and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tour of Sweden. Ms Veem will escort Their Royal Highnesses around the interactive exhibition featuring British and Swedish designers and speak to them about the importance of water in the sustainability production of fashion.

Ms Veem will also participate in a panel discussion on sustainable fashion, together with Sigrid Barnekow from Mistra Future Fashion. Follow the live broadcast from Nordiska Kompaniet’s (NK) Facebook page.

The “Creative Industries” exhibition will focus on British sustainable design such as innovative ways to tackle global sustainability challenges and issues. The exhibition is a unique collaboration between NK and the British Embassy. For more information on the exhibition, visit:  https://www.nk.se/stockholm/inspireras/reportage-och-artiklar/creative-industries/ (In Swedish)