Dec 14, 2013

New issue of 2013 Stockholm Water Front magazine available

The latest issue of Stockholm Water Front magazine (no. 4, 2013) looks at different ways of meeting the water scarcity challenge.

One is water pricing. To manage the rise in demand for water and to increase water productivity, incentives for using water more efficiently will be necessary. Water pricing is increasingly seen as a necessary tool.

SIWI’s Mr. Jens Berggren sets the scene by describing the intricacies of potential water pricing – how does one price one of our most elusive resources? The issue is immensely complicated, but necessary to tackle.

Water scarcity will also pose a major challenge to businesses in the future. The water crises in different countries are now firmly placed on the radars of corporate leaders as a potential threat to operations. Our guest contributor Mr. Stuart Orr from WWF tells us more about the status of water stewardship.

In connection with the theme for the 2014 World Water Week – Energy and Water – we will cover more aspects of mitigating the global water crisis.


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Featured articles:

  • Water pricing: how to value our most elusive resource
    by Mr. Jens Berggren, SIWI.
  • After Typhoon Haiyan: plan water infrastructure with disaster in mind
    by Ms. Victoria Engstrand-Neacsu, SIWI.
  • Water Stewardship: the business case for water management
    by Mr. Stuart Orr, WWF.
  • SIWI to host first UNESCO centre in Sweden
    by Ms. Maya Rebermark and Ms. Victoria Engstrand-Neacsu, SIWI.
  • A taste of the Swedish forestry model
    by Ms. Sanna Gustafsson, SIWI.