Aug 17, 2020

New partnership to amplify water’s story

Building in 2021, SIWI will leverage the World Water Week platform to improve the quality, accuracy, and intensity of reporting and storytelling on water through capacity building for journalists and communicators under the World Water Week Communications Initiative – all thanks to a grant from the Grundfos Foundation.

Boosting inclusive decision-making on water is an integral part of World Water Week’s purpose, but it is not possible without effective communication that reaches beyond the water community. In fact, the water community has identified communications as one of the future’s greatest challenges.

Adrian Puigarnau, Senior Manager World Water Week & Prizes, believes that communication will be increasingly important in the future. “People need to start protecting and valuing water, but in many places, this will require a major shift in attitudes. We need communication that inspires people to look at water in a new way,” he says.

A greater understanding of water – its value, function, and connection to other topical issues – can help motivate decision- and policymakers to act water-wisely.

“By empowering journalists and communicators through the new initiative, we hope to improve general awareness about the importance of water management, governance and the accountability of decision-makers toward citizens all over the world, helping to bring affordable access to drinking water to everyone.”

Executive Director Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Grundfos Foundation

World Water Week Communications Initiative

Going forward, the World Water Week Communications Initiative will provide capacity building for journalists and communicators and facilitate and encourage effective storytelling and outreach on water issues towards audiences beyond the water community.

Via the World Water Week platform, journalists gain access to decision-makers and experts from across sectors, and communications professionals curate and disseminate stories and information on water-related issues. Access to expert knowledge and diverse perspectives helps them better inform their audiences, engage people on the importance of water, and to hold decision-makers accountable to the Sustainable Development Goals.

This year, a virtual adaptation of World Water Week – World Water Week At Home – will take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. View the programme to learn more about the 120 sessions taking place 24 to 28 August, 2020. The Grundfos Foundation is a proud supporter of this special initiative.

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