Open letter.Jan 23, 2020

Nile women water leaders issue a joint statement

Women water leaders of the Nile basin states released today a unique joint statement in support of enhanced inclusive transboundary water cooperation.

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“We call upon our fellow decision makers to leverage all available skills, experience, and leadership to improve cooperation across the Basin and achieve our shared goals of sustainable water management and development.”

 – Participants in the 2020 Women In Water Diplomacy in the Nile workshop

SIWI’s Transboundary Water Cooperation Department Director Maria Vink further commented that “enhancing gender inclusive water diplomacy processes is essential to ensure long lasting and durable agreements,” and added that, “convening nearly two dozen mid-career and senior women experts from the Nile Basin countries at this juncture in time critically complements official negotiation processes in the Nile, and brings new voices and perspectives into the regional dialogue”.

The joint statement resulted from a SIWI Shared Waters Partnership convened workshop.

Read the Nile  women water leader’s statement