Apr 22, 2018

Ponts’o Moletsane the 2005 SJWP winner is taking his project to practise

Ponts’o from South Africa won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize in 2005 with his project ”Nocturnal Hydro Minimiser”.

South Africa is one of the most water-limited countries in the world and the project aimed to improve irrigation systems that allowed water to escape, often losing a large portion of the water used by evaporation or runoff. Ponts’o successfully developed a simple and cost effective irrigation system which halved the total amount of water used. Since the Stockholm Junior Water prize in 2005 Ponts’o has continued to develop his project and has entered it in several other competitions. He plans to commercialise it in the near future. Since his participation in the competition, Ponts’o says the competition has continued to open doors and opportunities, especially, networking opportunities. Follow Ponts’o’s lead and take your project to practice.