Feb 28, 2018

Raising women and youth voices at World Water Week

Register in one of our new speaker directories and let yourself be headhunted by convenors who look to connect with excellent female or young water professionals!

Women and youth play critical roles in all aspects of water governance, yet too often their voices are missing from the water dialogue.

At World Water Week, we want to give more young people and women the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Are you a young or female water professional who would love to speak at World Water Week, but you don’t know how to get the attention of convenors? Let yourself be headhunted for speaking opportunities by registering in one of our directories!

Many convenors are interested in diversifying the perspectives in their sessions, but struggle with finding suitable young or female speakers. With our speaker directories we step in and help session convenors connect with female or young water professionals.

Are you a female water professional looking for speaking engagements? Join the #WaterWomen speakers directory here 

Young professionals (18-35 years old) sign up here

We encourage convenors to host their sessions in an inclusive and interactive way and offer our Gold Standard discount to those who achieve a balanced gender representation and youth representation.

At World Water Week, we endeavour to create a conference that has equal professional representation by both women and men, in all phases of their careers – as participants and as speakers. The directories are an important step on this route.