Jun 24, 2013

SIWI discusses Sustainable Water Solutions at the World Justice Forum in The Hague

Water is the most basic necessity for life. Yet, access to safe drinking water affects almost half of the world’s population, particularly those in developing countries.

On Wednesday July 10, SIWI’s Dr. Anders Jägerskog will take part as a panellist in a session on Sustainable Water Solutions held at the World Justice Forum in The Hague. The session will place an emphasis on better management of water resources, as well as sanitation and hygiene.

The panel will discuss the important improvements needed in order promote better access to safe drinking water; the role of technology and governments in water management and infrastructure; and the importance of water safety in order to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

Read more about the session here.

The World Justice Forum is a global gathering designed to improve the state of the world by engaging business, government, civil society, academic, and other leaders, focusing on shared learning and collaboration.