News.Jul 02, 2014

SIWI has opened its first regional centre in Pretoria

SIWI's first regional centre in Pretoria, South Africa.

The Africa Regional Centre aims to place SIWI at the forefront of regional and continental efforts to support future-oriented policies, research initiatives and institutional capacity development for more effective water management and development.

African economies are among the fastest-growing globally, presenting an exciting range of challenges and opportunities for the management and development of water resources on the continent. Currently there is a deficit of infrastructure needed to supply critical water and energy services; while rapid urbanization and high population growth place increasing pressure on natural ecosystems and food security.

Reconciling the evident need for the development of appropriate infrastructure with the fundamental tenets of sustaining ecosystems as well as the people dependent on them can only be done with effective water governance institutions in place.

Key objectives for the Centre

  • Further develop programmes across SIWI’s priority areas with partners in Africa including governments, basin organizations, academia, civil society and the private sector;
  • Promote bi-directional experience-sharing between African organizations and other parts of the world, especially in other developing countries such as the BRICS;
  • Become familiar with the impact of SIWI’s work in various parts of the continent;
  • Promote the engagement of African organizations (from a range of sectors) in World Water Week and promote the distribution of outputs from the Week.

SIWI works in close partnership with organizations in Africa, collaborating on applied research, policy development and capacity building initiatives.

Contact details:

SIWI’s Africa Regional Centre is housed in the offices of the Global Water Partnership’s southern Africa Region in Pretoria, South Africa.

Address: Block A, GWP, Hatfield Gardens
333 Grosvenor St
Pretoria, 0083, South Africa

Telephone (South Africa): +27 76 563 2229
Telephone (Sweden): +46 8 121 360 83