Sep 28, 2013

SIWI at Trieste Next – European Innovation and Science Research Forum

Prof. Jan Lundqvist, Senior Scientific Advisor of SIWI, will be a keynote speaker as well as a panelist at Trieste Next - the European Innovation and Science Research Forum.

The conference, taking place September 27-29 in Trieste, Italy, is this year entitled Water WISE with WISE standing for Wealth, Information, Sustainability, and Environment.

The initiative consists of meetings, keynote speeches, shows and performances, aiming at presenting science and its developments in an innovative way as well as at debating of applied research, new technologies, and innovative solutions.

The event is promoted by the Municipality of Trieste, the University of Trieste and Nordesteurope Publisher in cooperation with the research and higher education institutes of the area.

The events Jan will partake in are:

  • “Water is precious” – Friday 27th September, 9.00 pm at the “Foyer of Teatro Verdi”
  • “The Zero-waste Living Award” – Saturday 28th September, 11.30 am, Panorama Giustinelli
  • See Prof. Lundqvist’s presentation