Mar 11, 2014

SIWI opens regional office in South Africa

SIWI is set to open its first regional centre this year. The Africa Regional Centre will be based in the South African capital of Pretoria and SIWI’s Mr. Anton Earle has been appointed Director of the centre.

“The African region is economically and socially vibrant and it is important for us to be in the midst of things to continue to stay relevant. SIWI has experienced a tremendous organisational growth rate during the last few years and the establishment of a stronger SIWI presence in Africa will help us to take the next steps towards promoting a better water world. It’s with great pride that we open up the doors of this new centre that will deepen our work with water challenges in the region together with old and new partners”, says Dr. Håkan Tropp, Managing Director of the Knowledge Services Department at SIWI.

The new centre will consolidate SIWI’s growing commitments in Africa, including the UNDP Goal Wash programme operating in West Africa, the Water Integrity programme (West, East and Southern Africa), ongoing support to the Nile River basin cooperation process; and bilateral programmes with the governments of Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.