Oct 22, 2014

SIWI project (SWAR) launches guideline for handblock printing industry in Rajasthan

Textile prints from Rajasthan are known all around the world for their unique designs. The prints from Saanganer and Bagru (near Jaipur) are sought after by many. What is less appreciated is that this industry (which typically requires a lot of water) operates in amongst the most water-scarce states in India. Rajasthan is a state that is largely a desert!

Consequently the printing techniques are a bit different, especially when it comes to hand-printing, which is what Rajasthan is most known for. Textile design produced using hand-printing borders on being an art-form, if not recognized as art already.

However, operating in Rajasthan also means that resources (especially water) need to be used judiciously.

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