Jul 10, 2013

SIWI Special Issue Published in Water Resources and Economics Journal

SIWI's Special Issue on Contributions to the International Water Resource Economics Consortium 10th Annual Meeting has been published in the Water Resources and Economics Journal. John Joyce, Senior Water Economist of SIWI, has been the Guest Editor of the issue together with Frank Ward of the New Mexico State University.

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In an effort to strengthen the link between economics and water policy, in August 2012 the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) hosted the International Water Resource Economics Consortium (IWREC) 10th Annual meeting during the World Water Week in Stockholm. This special issue presents a selection of the papers presented at this meeting, which all illustrate some of the key challenges in applying economics to water resources management, requiring to credibly value both market and non-market costs and benefits, to estimate marginal costs of achieving differing levels of water quantity and quality, to model choices, including risks and uncertainties, and to relate to other disciplines so that there is mutual understanding as to the data and input–output relationships.

Explore all the papers of the Special Issue in the online directory of the journal.