Feb 01, 2013

SIWI’s new strategy just launched! (2013-2017)

SIWI has just released its new strategy! The strategy and its objectives and outcomes will guide SIWI's work for the five year period of 2013-2017.

SIWI has identified five thematic areas, as strategic and cross-cutting for the work of the organisation, that our future work will be organised around: water governance, transboundary water management, climate change and water, the water-energy-food nexus, and water economics.

SIWI’s niche is largely between policy and implementation, often bridging the two, and as such promoting networking and interaction. SIWI’s vision is that of a water wise world. In essence, that is a world aware that it would not survive without cherishing water, as the fundamental resource underpinning economic and social development and as a human right. SIWI’s mission is to generate and promote knowledge, solutions and tools leading to water wise decisions for sustainable development.

It is SIWI’s intention that this strategy shall not only act as guidance for us but also be valuable to anyone who is interested to learn more about SIWI and how we intend to make a difference in working towards achieving a water wise world.

Click here to download the strategy!