News.Mar 05, 2019

SJWP alumnus Ayushi Sinha implements her pilot in Kenya

"We met with leaders of the startup and entrepreneurship scene in Nairobi, Kenya. We got their insights, advice, and lessons in order to fully understand the Kenyan entrepreneurship ecosystem before traveling to the village to build our system. Their guidance allowed us to navigate the potentially complicated business environment and learn from the successes and failures of our predecessors and peers.

We traveled to the site of our pilot, Emining (5 hours North of Nairobi) and got a warm reception by our gracious host, Bernard Chemjor, the headteacher at the primary school Bethwel attended. Over the next few days, we would meet with the local leaders and community members while also setting up the system. We interacted with community members while building the system. The key was to come in with an open mind and build what they actually needed and wanted rather than what we thought they needed. At every step of the way, we learned from the community and involved them in the design and decision-making process. We received immense support from the community and could not have done it without their help and guidance. We had a launch party in order to explain, demonstrate, and inaugurate our system to the community. The community was involved, enthusiastic, and really excited about the whole system. The power of community should never be underestimated.

This would not have been remotely possible without your generous support financially, morally and through your insights and advice. We will forever be thankful to you.

Attached is a video narrating our journey and a presentation summarizing details of our pilot program.”