Jul 04, 2012

Stockholm International Water Institute welcomes new Executive Director

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) has appointed Mr. Torgny Holmgren as its new Executive Director. Mr. Holmgren will lead the institute from September 15, 2012.

Mr. Holmgren is currently Ambassador and Head of the Department for Development Policy at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, where he is responsible for Swedish policy on global development and has recently served at the United Nations Secretary General’s High-level Panel on Global Sustainability. An economist by training, Mr. Holmgren has also previously served at the Swedish Ministry of Finance, the World Bank, and the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

“We are confident that Mr. Holmgren’s proven leadership talents, strong international network and extensive knowledge on water, sustainability and development issues will be a tremendous asset to the future success of the organisation,” said Peter Forssman, Chairman of the SIWI board. “We heartily welcome him to SIWI and his new position here.”

The Stockholm International Water Institute, founded in 1991,  is a Stockholm-based international policy institute that contributes to international efforts to ensure the sustainable use of the world’s water resources. SIWI conducts original studies, develops new tools, and provides in-depth analysis that enables policy-makers to make informed decisions on water issues that are based on the latest scientific research.

“I greatly look forward to my new assignment and have the utmost respect for SIWI and its staff. My vision is to build upon SIWI’s already established role as a world leading institute that bridges research and policy-making and broadens the scope of water related issues to other policy areas,” said Mr. Torgny Holmgren.

Former Executive Director Mr. Anders Berntell left the institute in March 2012 to begin as the new Executive Director of 2030 Water Resources Group at the International Finance Corporation within the World Bank Group. Over the past decade, SIWI has grown from a staff of 10 to over 50 employees and has developed into a leading provider of applied research, capacity building and advisory services on water-related issues. Mr. Per Bertilsson will continue to serve as Acting Executive Director until September 15, 2012, and then will resume his previous position as SIWI’s Deputy Director.