News.Aug 19, 2021

The High-Level Panel on Water Diplomacy will focus on cooperation

On 24 August, it is time for the influential High-Level Panel on Water Diplomacy. Hosted by SIWI and the International Centre for Water Cooperation, this annual event brings together leading experts on security, governance, climate change, and water policy. 

The High-Level Panel on Water Diplomacy is held as part of World Water Week to explore different aspects of water diplomacy and environmental peace building. You can follow it online on 24 August at 2pm CEST. Register here for World Water Week to take part (free of charge).

Much has changed since the first High-Level Panel on Water Diplomacy was organized in 2018 focus on lessons learned and how we can foster stronger cooperation at a time of mounting environmental and security challenges. Under the headline Navigating a Resilient Future, experts from many different fields will share their views and experiences.

While the COVID-19 crisis brought a new sense of urgency to increase scientific collaboration and information sharing, there is also a need to continue to improve cooperation in the climate, water, and foreign policy sectors. How can we work better together to strengthen our resilience to climate-related security risks?

In the High-Level Panel, SIWI experts Karin Gardes and Dr Martina Klimes will set the scene for the discussion. Rebecca Ritters, from Deutsche Welle, will moderate. We also meet a panel consisting of:

  • H.E. Dr. Anže Logar, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia;
  • Karabo Mokgonyana, African Youth Ambassador for Peace, African Union and,
  • Philipp Saprykin, Deputy Head of the Regional Centre, United Nations Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia

Then we will hear a statement from H.E. Mohd Hassan Faizee, Director General, Directorate General for Security Cooperation Border Affairs, and Transboundary Water, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Afghanistan.

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