Jan 21, 2014

SIWI takes part in launch of World Bank Thirsty Energy Initiative

The world’s water and energy systems are inextricably linked. With both of these vital resources coming under greater pressures over the next few decades, evaluating the trade-offs and encouraging cross-sector planning is crucial for their sustainable management and development.

To support countries’ efforts to address these challenges proactively, the World Bank has initiated the Thirsty Energy Initiative, which will be launched during the World Future Energy Summit taking place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on January 20-22.

As part of the launch events will be a High-Level Panel Discussion on January 21, entitled “Thirsty Energy: Will Water Constrain our Energy Future?”. SIWI’s Executive Director Torgny Holmgren is one of the panellists of the session, which brings together high-level representatives from country governments, World Bank senior management, as well as representatives of partner agencies and the private sector.

The discussions on how to develop and manage energy and water to support development and green growth will continue at World Water Week in Stockholm, as this year’s theme is Energy and Water. World Bank is a key-collaborating partner to SIWI for the 2014 World Water Week, and as such a member of the Scientific Programme Committee arranging scientific workshops during the week.

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  • Follow the discussions on Twitter through hashtag #thirstyenergy