Jun 15, 2021

Time to register for World Water Week 2021

Welcome to digital World Water Week on 23-27 August! Now it’s time to register, get a Networking Pass and start planning your perfect week. Here is everything you need to know.

Since 1991, World Water Week has been the leading conference on global water issues. This year we focus on Building Resilience Faster and the critical role of water in tackling challenges such as climate change, poverty, and biodiversity loss. 

World Water Week 2021 is designed to be an arena where people from many backgrounds can co-create solutions. No matter if your focus is primarily on the climate crisis, food security, energy or almost anything else – at World Water Week 2021 you can explore important water aspects of the topics you care about the most.  

Here are answers to some questions you may have: 

What happens at World Water Week? 

To get an idea, start by checking out the programme, with more than 300 digital sessions in a variety of formats. Topics range from agriculture to Covid-19 and wastewater treatment, but they are all relevant to the massive transformations that need to take place to create more resilient societies.  

The Week is also full of opportunities for networking and collaboration with other participants. And don’t miss the exciting award ceremonies for the prestigious Stockholm Water Prize and Stockholm Junior Water Prize. 

How do I register? 

Go to our tickets page to sign up. All sessions can be followed online and free of charge, but they do require registration. However, to get a unique chance to meet interesting people from all over the world, you need a Networking Pass 

With a Networking Pass you can actively collaborate with other participants and participate in a broad range of activities. You can strike up casual conversations, book one-on-one meetings, take part in speed networking, join discussion groups, drop in at a mingle, hang back after a session to talk to the speaker, and visit interactive expos. 

What does it cost? 

Until 15 July, you can get your Full Week Networking Pass at the Early-Bird price 1875 SEK (approx. 185 Euros & incl. VAT) – don’t miss this opportunity! The Networking Pass costs 625 SEK (approx. 65 Euros & incl. VAT) per day or 2500 SEK (approx. 250 Euros & incl. VAT) for the week during regular period. Organizations enjoy a group discount when registering ten or more participants.  

Who will be at World Water Week? 

World Water Week is known as an unusually diverse and friendly conference, with participants from more than 130 countries. Here you meet scientists, UN experts, activists, young entrepreneurs, top politicians, students, NGOs, and business representatives.  

Why do people attend World Water Week? 

Here are some popular answers from previous years’ participants:  

  • To pick up the latest trends and insights from leading experts.  
  • To learn from experiences in other parts of the world. 
  • To broaden my network and find people to collaborate with. 
  • To learn about water and gain new skills. 
  • To share my ideas and solutions.