News.Dec 18, 2017

Tools for Urban Climate Adaptation Training Days

From 28-30 November a consortium of organizations hosted a series of training workshops to improve understanding around urban climate adaptation issues and interventions throughout the Baltic Sea Region. The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), together with Baltic Development Forum (BDF), and the Union of Baltic Cities (UBC) Sustainable Cities Commission organized workshops in Stockholm, Turku, and Copenhagen. The goal was to engage with and train practitioners and decision makers within utility, water management and infrastructure organizations, as well as city, municipal and regional public authorities. This project was co-financed by CBSS as part of its “Urban Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region” initiative.

The “Tools for Urban Climate Adaptation Training Days” workshops included presentations on local and regional case studies as well as

discussions and exercises on new methodologies and tools in risk management approaches for climate adaptation. This included the iWater project – an initiative with Flagship status of HA Climate. The Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) and Deltares (an applied research institute for water based in the Netherlands) provided guidance in the technical aspects of implementing the adaptation approaches. The workshops provided initial exposure to a set of useful adaptation approaches that could be implemented throughout the Baltic Sea Region; additional follow-up workshops and training sessions are being explored with participants and other relevant stakeholders.

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