Apr 29, 2021

Wanted: the world’s greatest speakers

Are you our next World Water Week speaker? We are constantly striving to find the most interesting voices and therefore host two speaker directories: Water Women and Young Professionals. Now we are looking for new talents to include – learn more and apply.

To achieve a more water-wise world, all voices and perspectives are needed. At World Water Week we have taken great strides in recent years and can now count almost as many women as men among the participants, while one-third of participants are under the age of 35. Representation among speakers have also greatly improved since the Gold Standard was introduced in 2017 – but more can be done.

After convenors asked for help in identifying new speakers, we started the Water Women and Young Professionals speaker directories. Now they need to be updated ahead of World Water Week 2021, so take the opportunity to sign up if you meet the criteria. Speaking at World Water Week is a great chance to engage in interesting discussions, share your knowledge and make real difference.

To be part of either one of the speaker directories, you must:
– Hold a Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study or have at least two years of experience working with the subject matter.
– Be well versed in the subject matter and feel comfortable speaking at length about the issues.
– Be able to communicate effectively in English.

Learn more here about the speaker directories.

You can also apply directly for the Water Women Speaker Directory and the Young Professionals Speaker Directory.