Mar 26, 2021

Water workshops now open for registration

The World Water Week Communications Initiative is an exciting new project that strives to raise awareness of water, build capacity and encourage better, more accurate and intense water reporting and communication.

Building up to World Water Week, the Communications Initiative will kick off with a set of virtual workshops starting in May. The course will include two tracks: one for journalists and one for communicatorsThe Communications Initiative is based on the principle that improved communication on water will ensure that the urgency of water issues reaches audiences beyond the water community.  

 The journalist-oriented programme is structured to enhance the knowledge and awareness of media professionals on issues such as the linkages between water and climate and water and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goal is to empower journalists to better identify and report on important news stories on water.  

The second track is aimed at communication professionals, especially those working with water-related organizationswith the objective of improving communication skills and storytelling as well as capacity building in water. It was devised following the realisation that effective communication will result in greater public awareness and recognition of the centrality of water. 

Participants in the workshop who have completed one of the programmes – for journalists or for communicators – will have an opportunity to submit a story idea or creation, be it a short documentary, a piece of investigative journalism, a successful campaign, or any other inspirational piece of water communication, for the chance to share it on the prestigious World Water Week Centre Stage in August. 

Are you a journalist with an interest in water? Find out more about the initiative and register your interest here  

 Are you a communicator with an interest in water? Find out more about the initiative and register your interest here  

 The World Water Week Communications Initiative has been developed in co-operation with the Grundfos Foundation with the aim of improving the quality, accuracy, and intensity of reporting and storytelling on water through capacity building for journalists and communicators. 

The Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation) is a Danish commercial foundation created by Grundfos’ founder Poul Due Jensen in 1975. The Foundation actively supports philanthropic activities within three main areas: Water, Research, and Inclusion.