May 18, 2021

Welcome to the most important World Water Week ever!

How can water help us tackle the world’s greatest challenges, such as the climate crisis, poverty, and the loss of biodiversity? Join us at World Water Week on 23-27 August 2021 to find out. Together we co-create solutions that can have an immediate impact.

World Water Week is not just the leading annual conference on global water issues, it is also a powerful movement for change. In 2021, World Water Week focuses on the major transformations that need to take place if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and slash carbon emissions.  

Within a decade, we must rethink everything from how we grow food and generate energy to how we travel and use natural resources. This will require innovation on an epic scale and collaboration between people from all over the world with many different skills and backgrounds. Since all these transformations are closely linked to water, World Water Week has an important role to play as a meeting place for collaboration and learning. 

Join us on 23-27 August and take part in the programme with the theme Building Resilience Faster. Here you find more than 300 sessions on a broad range of topics, curated by SIWI but convened by world-leading organizations that share their latest insights. Much of the programme evolves around five top challenges that require our immediate attention – learn more here about how they are linked to water. 

The conference is held online and thanks to the generosity of the convening organizations, all sessions will be available free of charge to registered participants. We do however encourage participants to purchase a Networking Pass, to get access to the full World Water Week experience. Your Networking Pass opens the door to discussions, speed networking, post-session conversations and other interactive activities that allow you to expand both your knowledge and your network.  

World Water Week is known as an unusually friendly and hands-on conference where it is easy to meet people from all over the world. We are proud to welcome a very heterogenous crowd – students, CEOs, top politicians, grassroot groups, researchers, intergovernmental organizations, and many others. One-third of participants are under 35; almost half are women. Some participants are distinguished authorities on different water issues, while others have only just discovered that water is crucial to something else that they care deeply about, like climate policy, poverty reduction or city planning. 

What all these participants have in common is that they want to collaborate to address the world’s major challenges. If you feel the same way you are welcome to join us for World Water Week 2021!