Dec 04, 2013

Workshop: Water-Food Security in Cambodia and the Vietnam Delta – Assessing risk and alternatives under an altered flow regime

As follow-up of the Chiang Rai Workshop on “Food Security in the Mekong- The Water, Food and Energy Nexus Revisited“, Shared Waters Partnership continues to enhance dialogues on food security in the Mekong River Basin. The Chiang Rai Workshop provided a venue for discussing the regional food security among the representatives from civil society, governments, intergovernmental organisations, international NGOs, researchers and development partners; and addressed a significant need for knowledge sharing and policy dissemination in the field.

Two workshops in Phnom Penh and Can Tho will be held back-to-back to utilise international/regional expertise in fisheries, agriculture and livelihoods. Cambodia and the Vietnamese Delta are the most sensitive areas for food security due to alteration of the Mekong mainstream. The aim is to bring together national/local stakeholders based in Cambodia and Vietnam to discuss food security to promote science-based decision making and to support local capacity.

For more information: Concept note

Phnom Penh Workshop December 2-3 Presentations

Keynote presentations

Irrigated Agriculture

Water-Food-Energy Nexus

Focus on Fisheries

Tonle Sap in focus

Can Tho Workshop December 5-6 Presentations

Keynote presentations

Agriculture & Livelihoods

Presentations on fisheries

Threats and Challenges in Food Security