Aug 23, 2015

World Water Week livestream schedule

During World Water Week SIWI livestreams a selection of events. Here you can view the full schedule from monday...

During World Water Week SIWI livestreams a selection of events. Here you can view the full schedule from monday to friday.

To view all current livestreams and previous sessions click here.Sunday August 23

Emerging pollutants in water and wastewater: UNESCO-Sida project case-studies 09:00-10:30 NL Music Hall
How to secure water and energy amidst rapid urbanization 09:00-10:30 FH 307
Public private and civil society platforms for development 11:00-12:30 FH 307
Co-operative water governance: Catalyst for sustainable development and comprehensive security 14:00-15:30 FH Little Theatre
Malin Falkenmark seminar: Green water based economic development in drylands 14:00-15:30 NL Pillar Hall
Impact of subsidies on efficient water technology uptake within agriculture 16:00-17:30 FH Little Theatre
Wetlands for food security: Solution or illusion? 16:00-17:30 NL Pillar Hall

Monday August 24

Opening and high level panel 09:30-12:30 FH Congress Hall ABC
Let’s not focus on water 14:00-15:30 FH 307
Unfolding the contribution of investigative journalism to water integrity 14:00-15:30 FH Little Theatre
Cities and water: Too much/too little, but not too late 16:00-17:30 FH Little Theatre
Water for food security and nutrition 16:00-17:30 FH 307

.Tuesday August 25

LAC Focus: The future of water in LAC 09:00-10:30 FH Congress Hall B
Using results-based financing to connect the poor: Who, where, why? 09:00-10:30 FH 202
Don’t cheat on us! Gender dimensions in water corruption 11:00-12:30 FH 202
LAC Focus: The future of water services in LAC 11:00-12:30 FH Congress Hall B
LAC focus: Understanding human right to water and sanitation 14:00-15:30 FH Congress Hall B
Scaling WASH Markets: Evolving roles of corporates, NGOs, and donors 14:00-15:30 NL Pillar Hall
Complexities with water pricing and governance 16:00-17:30 NL Pillar Hall
LAC Focus: Achieving the SDG for water in Latin America 16:00-17:30 FH Congress Hall B

Wednesday August 26

Communicating Resilience: Interactive narratives on urban flooding and water stress 09:00-10:30 NL Pillar Hall
Rainwater – Sky’s the limit! Stockholm Water Prize Seminar 2015 09:00-10:30 NL Music Hall
Financing for Development: Innovative Financial Mechanisms for the Post-2015 Agenda 11:00-12:30 NL Pillar Hall
Getting Water in COP21: The Economics of Water and Climate 14:00-15:30 NL Auditorium
Landscape approaches for sustainable development, water and land resource management 14:00-15:30 FH Congress Hall B
Changing behaviors to build systems that last: SWA’s evolving strategy 16:00-17:30 FH Congress Hall B

Thursday August 27

Can we honestly measure rural WASH impact and sustainability? 09:00-10:30 NL 357
Exploring urban sanitation at the nexus of government and enterprise 09:00-10:30 FH 202
Innovative initiatives maximising finance to implement Sustainable Development Goals 11:00-12:30 FH 202
Gender sensitive indicators in sanitation and wastewater planning and implementation 11:00-12:30 NL 357
Establishing a market for water – international perspectives 14:00-15:30 NL Auditorium
Portfolio investment approach to community water systems: An interactive discussion 14:00-15:30 FH Congress Hall B
Managing climatic extreme events: Global water resources in emergency situations 16:00-17:30 FH Congress Hall B