Policy Brief.2015

Key Recommendations: UN Millennium Project Task Force on Water and Sanitation Final Report

Four out of every ten people in the world don’t have access to even a simple pit latrine; and nearly two in ten have no source of safe drinking water. This silent humanitarian crisis kills some 3,900children every day and robs the poorest—particularly women and girls—of their health, time, and dignity.

Water supply and sanitation services as well as water as a resource are critical to sustainable development—from environmental protection and food security to increased tourism and investment, from the empowerment of women and the education of girls to reductions in productivity losses due to morbidity and malnutrition. The UNMillennium Project Task Force on Water and Sanitation sought to answer two questions: what will it take to reach theMDGsfor water supply and sanitation?; and how can the use of water as a resource be optimized to achieve the MDGs?