Outcome statement: Global Landscapes Forum – Climate action for sustainable development

From commitment to action – developing strategies to operationalize integrated landscape approaches – 2016 Global Landscapes Forum: Marrakesh

Indigenous man cutting the skin of a tree with a small knife - cover of the Outcome Statement: Global Landscapes Forum – Climate Action for Sustainable Development
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On 16 November 2016, the fourth annual Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) brought together diverse stakeholders working in global landscapes. While the 2015 GLF event in Paris closed with promise due to newly agreed upon global climate and development commitments, 2016’s widespread social, environmental and political instability transmits an urgency for collaborative engagement to turn commitment into action.

The 2016 GLF in Marrakesh, a thematic event convened by a cross-sectoral consortium of international organizations, encouraged the exchange of the latest climate and sustainable development knowledge and research that will enable the transition from global commitment to local action. The 12 Discussion Forums, two plenaries, six Launchpads and multiple networking and side events provided the more than 500 participants with ample opportunity to connect and confront pressing climate and development challenges.