Policy Brief.2024

Putting water at the centre of ambitious NDCs

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David Hebart-Coleman
Senior Programme Manager,
Water Cooperation and Diplomacy

SIWI, through the support of GIZ, has developed recommendations based on a review on how the inclusion of water has evolved within Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). This policy brief, aims to look at the current bottlenecks in NDC implementation and to offer examples from countries on how these national climate plans can be achieved in practice.

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Water is the thread that connects climate change vulnerabilities and responses when it comes to both climate mitigation and adaptation. Accordingly, water-related strategies are becoming more prominent in many nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement. However, there remains considerable room for enhancing these measures, as many NDCs lack specific, quantitative targets and fail to consider the cross-sectoral impacts of water use.

In anticipation of the next round of NDCs due in 2025, this Policy Brief offers several recommendations to support an increased ambition. These improvements will not only bolster countries’ climate mitigation and adaptation efforts but also enhance water security, identify co-benefits and trade-offs in water use, protect ecosystems, and strengthen investment opportunities in water-related projects.