Transboundary water management: Who Does What, Where?

In 2011  the Swedish Water House conducted a mapping of regional and international actors working in trans-boundary water management (TWM), which aimed to assist the identification of “knowledge gaps” and needs for further actions that could lead to more informed decision-making in water management. It also sought to promote objective decision-making, thereby helping to form a framework for resource allocation in TWM. Basedon the mapping a database was created. The ongoing activities of 94 actors, and more than 700 transboundary river and lake basins, aquifers and large marine ecosystems can be found in the database. Similar efforts made previously have focused on legal frameworks or on capacity building through sharing project information (IWLEARN, 2012;WWFet al., 2010;U N WA IS, 2012;TFDD2007). The TWMmapping and database takes a broader focus and an actor-based approach.

March 2015