Guiding principles

SIWI works directly with governments and other stakeholders. We advise on policies, processes, legislation, and financing; provide long-term analyses; and help develop capacity for decision-making processes under increasingly complex and uncertain circumstances. Part of our multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach is also to bring different sectors together to co-create solutions. We facilitate dialogues between different countries sharing a water source and help them set up processes and institutions to jointly manage their shared river, lake, or groundwater aquifer.

SIWI works closely with the water sector to help it prepare for the many new challenges. We advise on financing and tariffs for long-term financial sustainability; develop capacity to improve efficiency and to climate-proof operations; review legislation and regulations; and advice on measures to improve transparency and accountability.

New approaches to water governance are urgently needed and SIWI is leading the way. Given the crucial role of water management for a sustainable future, countries need roadmaps towards good water governance, as well as specific tools along every step of the way. SIWI offers advice, facilitates dialogues, provides platforms for collaboration, generates knowledge, and develops capacity for improved water governance all over the world. We also implement a broad range of projects and programmes, and advocate for water governance in international processes so that the world understands how water governance can help us achieve a more just and fair world.